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The SUBWAYS project (acronym for “Supermassive Black Holes Winds in the X-rays”) will use XMM-Newton during AO18 for more than 18 days (1.58 Ms), to observe a sample of ~20 quasars in the relatively close by Universe (z~0.2).

Artistic view of multiphase AGN-driven winds highlighting the different phases and scales that are involved in the outflow. The wind propagates from the central engine (< 1 pc; a), through the surrounding ISM (1 pc–1 kpc; b), out to the boundaries of the host galaxy (> 10 kpc; c). SUBWAYS will investigate the outflow in its launching phase, when the gas is highly ionized, and the presence of fast moving material can be revealed in X-rays. (figure adapted from Cicone et al. 2018, Nat. As. 2, 176)


2022   Brusa M., Matzeu G., Bianchi S., et al., 2022, Mem S.A.I.T., Vol. 75, in press "Supermassive Black Hole Winds in X–rays"

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